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Endurance Workout Equipment

This section contains all of our equipment for endurance workouts. We have weighted clothing, battle ropes, pedal exercisers and more, so make sure to have a good look around!

One product you will find in this section is the 8m Battle Rope. Providing a full body workout, the Komodo Battle Rope aids muscular development, co-ordination, endurance and cardiovascular health. The 38mm diameter rope is made of polyester Dacron with sealed ends. The section also contains our speed parachutes. Designed to create resistance drag as you run, the Komodo Speed Parachute helps you to increase your sprinting speed, strength and explosiveness. The polyester chute is designed to provide outstanding stability and is adjustable via a Velcro chest strap. A handy carry case is included.

We're always looking at adding new products to this range, so watch this space. To keep yourself updated, sign up to our newsletter or check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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