9m Battle Rope

Providing a full body workout, the Komodo Battle Rope aids muscular development, co-ordination, endurance and cardiovascular health. The 38mm diameter rope is made of polyester Dacron with sealed ends.
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9 Metre Battle Rope from Komodo Sports

This is robust material designed which will withstand the rigours of long term use. Suitable for use both indoors and outside, the battle rope is 9 metres in length and weighs 8kg.

Why exercise with Battle Ropes?

In combining the forces of the ropes movement with the forces of gravity, working with battle ropes delivers an intense workout. You can build muscular strength and enhance your co-ordination whilst also experiencing a great cardio session. Injuries are rare when working with battle ropes as the intensity of the exercise is limited by the forces which you are able to generate. Also an excellent way to improve your endurance, battle ropes are a versatile addition to your gear.

How to use your Battle Rope

Attach one end of your rope or ropes around a beam. Pull the ropes out from the pole, hold the other end or ends and engage your core. Raise and lower your arms to cause waves in the ropes. Move on to vary your motions to exercise different muscle groups. Remember that the closer you are to the anchor points, the more intense the workout. You can gradually increase the length of your sessions to burn more calories and build your stamina.


  • Rope Length of 9 Meters
  • Rope Diameter of 3.8cm
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Rope ends sealed with a rubber
  • Use to strengthen your abs, arms, shoulders and legs
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