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Exercise Gym Mats by Komodo Sports

This section contains all of our Exercise Gym Mats. We have a range of workout mats in range of colours and sizes to suit your needs.

Our featured item in this section is the Komodo Tri Folding Gym Mat. These thick folding gym mats are suitable for a variety of workouts including stretches, gymnastics, Gym and Pilates, the mat ensures that exercising is comfortable and that impacts on your body are absorbed. Fashioned from 5cm thick EPE foam and PU cover, the folding gym mat is comfortable, durable and practical and will fold away quickly for easy storage/transportation. The built-in handles make carrying and transporting the mat a breeze. They are available in a range of colours, so you're sure to find the right one for you.

We also have Sit Ups Ab Trainer Mats which give you valuable lumbar support whilst still enabling you to exercise effectively. The ab pad mats feature a curved design that properly aligns the spine when you are working your upper, lower and oblique abdominal muscles. You can strengthen your core and work each muscle group without pain or discomfort using this helpful pad. Indeed, an abs pad mat actually enhances the efficacy of your workout.

Finally our thick yoga mats are great mats for gym classes. Simply unroll and do your exercises comfortably, when finished roll them up and off you go. These thick exercise mats feature a shoulder strap, handy when you are carrying other things too.

We're always looking at adding new products to this range, so watch this space. To keep yourself updated, sign up to our newsletter or check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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