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Exercise Rollers and Wheels

This section contains all of our rollers and wheels for home exercise and exercise classes. One product you will find in this section is the Komodo Yoga Wheel, which is a fabulous tool that you shouldn’t be without! The wheel will help you to improve your flexibility and strength and to tackle poses that you might have thought were beyond you. Supporting up to 200kg and offering a comfortable outer ring, this amazing wheel will considerably enhance your routines. Another great item in this section is the Komodo Ab Muscle Fitness Roller which incorporates 3 wheels for enhanced stability making it ideal for beginners. It is lightweight, compact and easy to store away when you are not using it and so can be accommodated in any home. We also have foam rollers and other pieces of equipment for sale.

We're always looking at adding new products to this range, so watch this space. To keep yourself updated, sign up to our newsletter or check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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