Chest Expander

Fabulous for conditioning your upper body, our 5 Spring Chest Expander would be an affordable and useful addition to your fitness equipment. The expander provides an excellent workout for your chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps and you can use it literally anywhere when you have a little time to spare. 
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5 Spring Chest Expander from Komodo Sports

You are able to adjust the tension of the 5 steel resistance springs to suit your needs and exercising with this equipment is safe whilst placing minimal stress on your joints.

Exercising with Your Chest Expander:

Your exercise regime is limited only by your imagination - you don’t have to restrict yourself to the traditional and best known exercises. Why not work in conjunction with a partner to introduce variety? Alternatively, loop one handle around your foot and hold the other one in your hand, then use the expander to work your legs as well as your upper body.

Features and Benefits:                  

  • Steel springs and hooks
  • Robust plastic handles
  • Fully adjustable resistance springs
  • Targets chest, arms and shoulders
  • Supplemental exercise to free weights
  • Spring strength: 30kg
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