Triceps V Bar

It's your triceps which make your arms look impressive and with this fine Triceps V Bar you can target these muscles in one smooth motion. Building strength and mass in your triceps is easier when you can isolate the muscles in your routines. The bar reduces stress on your forearms and wrists as you work out.
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Triceps V Bar

The bar is constructed from solid steel and features a chrome finish. It can be used in conjunction with most cable machines and this push down bar is designed to enhance your grip. You will enhance your stamina as you exercise and this highly portable piece of equipment is easy to transport and to store away. Why not try the Triceps V Bar to see what it can do for you? You can order this piece with or without the rubber grip.


  • 33x18cm

The Advantages of Triceps Push Downs:

Push-downs progressively increase your strength and will improve your sporting ability. You will be able to throw balls with greater force and you can look forward to being able to push more effectively against opponents in contact sports. You utilise your triceps every day to perform a variety of tasks and so enhanced strength will always be useful. Push-downs are exercises which also work other muscle groups including your pectorals. This form of workout forces you to contract your rectus abdominis and oblique muscles in order to maintain your posture.

Triceps V Bar Specification

  • Robust steel construction
  • For use with cable stack equipment
  • Builds triceps strength
  • Chrome finish
  • Knurled grip

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