Resistance Band

Resistance Exercise Bands in a range of thicknesses for strength and core training. Suitable for pulldowns, presses, curls, extensions and other exercises.
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Resistance Exercise Bands

Resistance bands are a great addition to your kit bag, opening your workout up to include a whole range of resistance training exercises. They are colour coded to denote the resistance level of each band, giving you lots of choice for each exercise you take on.

Resistance Training Exercises

Resistance bands can be incorporated into routines targeting core strength, balance and much more. There are loads of great lower body exercises to tackle, such as leg extensions, leg curls and standing or seated abductions. There are also loads of great back exercises available such as seated rows and lateral pulldowns. The full body workout doesn't stop there, with chest exercises like bench presses and incline chest presses tackling your upper torso. There are also a massive range of shoulder presses, arm curls, arm extensions and core exercises like woodchoppers and Russian twists to tackle every part of your body!

Dependable Quality

The resistance bands are made to endure, giving you a dependable bit of kit you can reply on. They are available in 5 different resistances, each colour coded to ensure easy identification during routines.

Resistance Guide

Size Colour Resistance (kg) Resistance (Pounds)
6.4mm Yellow 2 - 7kg 4 - 15lbs
13mm Red 7 - 16kg 15 - 35lbs
19mm Black 8 - 20.5kg 17.5 - 45lbs
32mm Purple 16 - 38.5kg 35 - 85lbs
45mm Green 22.5 - 57kg 49.5 - 125lbs
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