Parallel Bars - 35 / 75 / 80cm Parallettes

Our Parallel Dip Bars come in three heights, choose from the mini parallettes which are 30cm and then our bigger versions that are 75cm and 80cm. Parallettes are a great addition to any home gym and can be used to target your arms, chest, back and core muscles through calisthenic exercises.
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Parallel Bar Dip Stations

Parallettes can be used to do various upper body strength exercises by using your own body weight as resistance. Using parallel bars you can target your arms, chest, back and shoulders. Further advanced moves allow you to engage your lower body and strengthen your core.

The Komodo Sports parallel bars are designed to provide stability and flexible workout routines. With them being such a simple piece of kit that take up no room at all they are an ideal part of any home gym. Our Parallettes are suitable for both the beginner and advanced fitness enthusiast.

Available as mini parallettes with a height of 30cm or the full height of 75cm and 80cm.

Parallel Bars Specifications

  • Fits easily into any home gym environment
  • Heavy duty steel tubing
  • Ideal training device for home use for exercises such as push ups, dips, leg lifts pull ups
  • Easy to store & easily stacked together
  • 30cm, 75cm and 80cm sizes available
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