Wrist Roller Attachment

You can work on your grip, wrists, forearms and shoulders with the Komodo wrist roller. Designed specifically to target the upper arm muscles, this affordable equipment is your route to a stronger grip and bigger forearms.
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Wrist Roller

The wrist roller is fashioned from steel and features non-slip rubber grips with high-density foam padding for added comfort. You are able to use the roller in conjunction with both standard and Olympic weight plates. Strong webbed nylon rope secures the weights.


  • Grip 14.5 x 3 CM
  • Rope length 110 CM

The Advantages of a Wrist Roller:

Many exercises are easier to perform with a stronger grip and a weak grip may leave you vulnerable to accidents and injuries. A wrist roller helps you to build strength where you need it most and to develop your forearms to better match your upper arms. The wrist roller is the perfect alternative to dumbbell and barbell work and delivers a complete workout for your forearms.

Using a Wrist Roller:

The muscles in your forearms are in continual use and that means that building mass is harder and will require the use of heavy weights. You will enjoy greater success if you use your roller at least three times each week and target both your wrist extensors and flexors. When rolling, aim to achieve a full range of movement with your wrists. Always draw your wrist as high up as possible and then as low as possible when raising and lowering the weights.

Wrist Roller Specifications

  • Increases strength in your grip, wrists and forearms
  • Compatible with standard and Olympic weights
  • Robust construction
  • High-density foam padded grips
  • Weight capacity 10kgs
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