Hand Grip Strengthener x2

Grip strength is crucial to many athletic disciplines and also comes in handy in your everyday life! Our Foam Hand Grip Strengthener Wrist Workout helps you to improve your grip strength through regular exercise and you can use this equipment wherever you happen to be!
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Hand Grips Exerciser for Wrist Workouts from Komodo Sports

Easy to use and robust, this is a small piece of kit with a big impact! Use at home, in the gym or even at the office when you have a few minutes available to exercise. You are able to build your strength gradually and you will soon start to notice the benefits. Better still, as you exercise your hands, you also improve your forearm strength.


  • Product height: 12cm
  • Handle diameter: 2cm
  • Product weight: 137g

The Importance of Grip Strength:

An enhanced grip will enable you to make better use of gym equipment and to perform exercises of greater intensity as you will be able to maintain your grip on heavier weights. Improving your grip strength is crucial if you play racquet sports, perform gymnastics or enjoy climbing. Away from the gym, greater strength in your hands will mean that a variety of everyday tasks become easier. You will make light work of everything from squeezing a lemon to carrying heavy bags.

Grip exercises can also be used to work on individual fingers in order to enhance your dexterity. Greater dexterity is essential for playing musical instruments and can help you to type more efficiently.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fashioned from chrome alloy steel and foam
  • Robust and comfortable
  • Perfect for home or office use
  • Supplied in 2's


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