Adjustable Hand Grips x2

Improve your grip strength and enjoy a variety of benefits with our Adjustable Hand Grips! Regular use will enable you to exercise several muscle groups, enhance your performance in the gym and will also help you in everyday life!
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Adjustable Hand Grips from Komodo Sports

When you exercise your fingers and hands, you also provide a workout for your forearm flexors and extensors. Building your hand strength therefore also improves strength in your forearms giving your arms a more toned and powerful look.

Our highly effective Hand Grips provide you with an easy to use resistance system. Resistance can be adjusted between 10kg and 40kg and the non-slip handles make life easier. You can gradually increase the resistance as your grip strength improves and the grips are lightweight and highly portable whilst being simple to store away. You can exercise for just a few minutes whenever you happen to have the time and you are able to exercise your hands at home or in the gym.

The Benefits of Enhanced Grip Strength:

You might be surprised to discover how often an improved grip strength will help you. You will certainly be able to perform better in the gym because you will be able maintain your grip on heavier weights. If you enjoy racquet sports you will be able to swing harder without losing your grip and grip strength is vital in any sport in which you must support your own body weight such as gymnastics.

Grip strength helps you to performm simple tasks like squeezing a lemon and carrying heavy objects including bags and suitcases. You could even find that enhancing the strength of your hands improves your dexterity which could be useful if play a musical instrument.


  • Perfect for improving grip strength
  • Resistance from 10-40kg
  • Non-slip handles>
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Use at home or in the gym
  • Included in pack: 2 x Hand grips
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